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Momma's Attitude by Soyong Kang Partington - Ceramic Artist

Gold Momma's Attitude Vase Set
One of the latest "gold" models featured at recent art fairs and placed in gift shops and galleries. (click the photo for a 3-D view)

Lite Decorated Mommas Attitude
Some more new models hand painted with colorful designs. (click the photo for a 3-D view)

Hand Made Momma's Attitude® Vases for Mom
U.S. Patent Pending
A perfect gift for mom!

These unique vases were introduced to the world on Mother's Day of 2002. Each custom made vase is hand made by ceramic artist Soyong Kang Partington. A "Momma's Attitude®" vase is an ideal gift for Mom on her birthday, on Mother's Day, Valentines Day, Christmas, Easter or anniversary.

Each hand made vase is unique and is designed to have its own special character. Recently, many have been sold to men looking for that special "mom gift" for their wifes.

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Momma's Attitude
® Vase

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Blue and Black Momma's Attitude Vases
have been very popular recently. (click the photo for a 3-D view)

The hand made soft clay momma's attitude vases shown below are drying very slowly - awaiting their trip to the kiln for their first firing before the decorations are added.

Slow Drying Vases

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